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CherryPic'd: The Movie

CherryPic’d: A Family Story

I COME FROM a family of storytellers and dreamers. As my grandparents and parents made many of their dreams come true, the things my brothers and I could wish for evolved and altered. Our grandmother Abbie spun stories that made us feel she’d sprinkled pixie dust over our heads, and brothers Blair and Brent and I took this magic to heart. At Christmas, Brent and I would lie in bed imagining we could hear Santa’s sleigh and see his reindeer zipping among the twinkling stars.

So it comes as no surprise that our next generation of dreamers conjured up the idea for CherryPic’d.

One everyday morning when daughter Blair was soapy in the shower, she literally had an epiphany. She wanted to be the kind of person who gave wonderful gifts. She desired to be a giver of delight, and to feel happy about the presents she bestowed. No rush to a store to find something— anything —for a friend’s birthday. No Gift Certificate to Name-That-Box-Store. Blair wanted her gifts to be personal and powerful, to mean something to the person receiving them. She wanted them to solve a need or to make someone’s dream come true, even a little bit. So she approached my husband, Jim, and me and said, I have an idea. Our response was, Let’s do it!

The truth is, it’s hard and stressful to buy gifts today. Many people aren’t confident about the gifts they give precisely because they don’t know their giftees’ desires—or even their taste, for that matter. Really successful gift-giving requires getting inside another person’s heart and head.

Some people hate to shop, of course. But even for those who don’t hate it, shopping—whether online or in stores—is often an exasperating duty. And it’s become all the more so as our options have exploded.

We at CherryPic’d want to change all that. We want to make giving gifts a fun, easy, and pleasurable experience. Our ultimate mission is to make life simpler for you, to please you as both gift-giver and gift-receiver, and to help you connect— really connect —with friends and family.

In other words, we want to make everyone’s dreams come true. As Blair says, “We want to help you actually mean what you say in your Thank You Notes!”

CherryPic’d—a gift from us to you!

Beth Arnold
& The CherryPic’d Team

Our Team


Beth is a writer, first and foremost. But she’s also running this machine that we call CherryPic’d. Beth was an early blogger, Twitterer, and is, in general, an early adopter and forward thinker. Beth loved the idea of CherryPic’d so much that she moved back to the States from Paris for it. And aren’t we glad she did? She’s making magic happen every day.


Blair had the idea for CherryPic’d in the shower. The light bulb went off and here we are today. Her background is in the food and wine industry. Blair is real into many things, including cheese, startups, music, vintage cookbooks and cooking implements, and her hair color.


Bret is the reason our CherryPic’d logo is all over your Twitter and Facebook feed. She’s got dynamite ideas. If you’ve emailed us, you’ve probably heard from her. She loves animals, cheese dip, and makes a mean Shepherd’s Pie.


Jim is a writer, editor, and lone wolf. He keeps us in line and reminds us to cross our t’s and dot our i’s. In addition to that bold endeavor, he helps us think strategically. His interests include writing, reading, painting, and a certain miniature Schnauzer, named after a German Expressionist painter, who has stolen our hearts and the odd sock or two.


Steve is an illustrator, painter, photographer, filmmaker, and man about town. In addition to some creative direction, he made our super awesome video. And check out Steve’s website, www.spinadelic.com. It’s great, we promise.

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